Android Send to Kindle instructions

Here is how to download PDF files and have them automatically synced to your Kindle devices and apps.

1. First open your email on your mobile android device (phone, tablet). Find the download button for the file and click on it (not Google Drive).

2. You will see a Download Icon appear at the top of the device. Click on it. Now click on "Open with Drive PDF Viewer".

3. Here is the view below. Now click on the three dots on the upper right hand corner. Now click on "Send File".

4. Next click on "Send to Kindle". Click the checkbox for all devices you'd like it to sync to. Click on "Send" when you've checked all applicable boxes.

5. A white box will appear at the top left of your device. Click on the box, you will see a confirmation that it succeeded! You will also receive an email from Amazon confirming the download. ENJOY!

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