Digital Rights Management (DRM) on Prolific Works

If you choose to enable "Digital Rights Management" (DRM) for your book files, Prolific Works will insert a unique code into the metadata of each claimed book. This code is generated when a reader claims a book, and, when decrypted, will provide us with information about the reader's claim. DRM applies to all book file formats. 

If you ever need the information provided in a book file's DRM code, please send an email to with the file attached. Our customer support team will be happy to take a look!

Note: Prior to July 2018, Prolific Works was not able to add DRM to your ebooks if you chose to upload your own mobi or PDF files to the site. If you would like to add DRM to a book where it was not previously enabled, locate the book on your Prolific Works author dashboard, select "Book Details" and then edit the option labeled "DRM."