Reader Account FAQ for Authors

On-site reader accounts will allow readers to view everything they’ve claimed on Instafreebie in one place - making it easier and more convenient than ever for readers to access and organize their claimed books online.

Once readers create an account, they will have access to their own personal “Library” page. In their “Library” readers will be able to view, sort and organize all the content they’ve claimed/received on Instafreebie – everything from books and previews claimed through Group Giveaways to exclusive content claimed through private giveaway links.

This support article will hopefully answer any questions you may have about this new reader account feature, how it works, and what it means for you as an author.

If you have any more questions after reading through this article, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at!

Q: What features will be included in these new on-site reader accounts?

A: The main feature of the new reader accounts will be the personal Library page, which will allow readers to:

  • See all the content they’ve claimed on Instafreebie in one convenient location;
  • Search through their claims;
  • Sort their claims by date claimed, title and author name;
  • Archive books they’ve already read;
  • Download claims via the Instafreebie App;
  • Download claims via an email with an epub, mobi, or PDF file attached;
  • Download claims via direct download of an epub, mobi or PDF file;
  • Claim new, recommended books displayed on the side of their Library screen;
  • And edit their preferred genres, which controls what content they see in their Recommended Books section.

Q: What does the reader account creation process look like?

A: After entering their information into our registration page, readers will be taken to a new page which will offer them the choice between creating a reader account or an author account.

The reader account text will say: “I’m ready to choose from 47,000 FREE books and stories, find my favorite new authors and receive exclusive sneak peeks, bonuses, behind-the-scenes updates and more via their personal newsletters!” As you can see, we’ll be planting seeds right away about the benefits of signing up for author newsletters!

Next, readers will be taken to a page where they can select up to 31 genres that they read and would like to see in the Recommended Books section of their Library. Finally, readers are taken to a page to claim their first book (if they haven’t already), after which they’ll have access to their Library.

Q: What genres can readers select during the sign-up process?

A: Readers can choose to see recommended books in up to 31 genres, including: Action/Adventure, Arts & Photography, Biographies & Memoirs, Business, Children, Comics & Graphic Novels, Contemporary, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Crime, Education & Teaching, Erotica, Fantasy, Health, Historical Romance, History, Horror, Humor & Entertainment, LGBT, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Self-Help, Spiritual/Religious, Teen & Young Adult, Thriller, Travel, Women's Fiction, Other (Fiction), Other (Nonfiction) and Historical Fiction.

Q: Do readers already on the platform have to create a new account to access the Library page?

A: Readers who have already used the Instafreebie App will NOT need to register a separate account - we will create an online account for them automatically.

Readers who have never used the Instafreebie App before will have to head here to create an account and access their online Library. Their previous claims will be shown in their Library as long as they register with the same email address they've used to claim books in the past!

Q: When will readers create their accounts?

A: There are multiple places where readers can create an account throughout the claims process. When they claim a book for the first time from a personal or Group Giveaway, they’ll be prompted to create an account with Instafreebie. They’ll also be able to create an account by clicking the “Free Sign Up” button on the top bar of the Instafreebie homepage and following the steps.

Readers who have used the app before can simply visit this page when this feature goes live, and sign in with their app email and password.

Readers who have not used the app before, but who have previously claimed books on Instafreebie, can create an account by going to this page and following the registration steps.

Q: Will new readers have to create an account to claim my books?

A: No, readers can download files directly to their computers without creating an account. However, if they want to download books using the app or if they want to send book files to their emails, they'll need to create an account.

Q: Will readers have to re-claim my content to see it in their Library?

A: Definitely not! As long as they register with the same email they used to claim books, everything they’ve claimed in the past, whether through public or private, personal or Group giveaways, will automatically show up in their Library. No need to re-claim or re-download any content. 

Q: Do readers have to pay for this new feature?

A: No! This new feature is free for all Instafreebie readers, old and new.

Q: How are books chosen to be displayed in the “Recommended Books” section on the reader Library page?

A: Recommended books are displayed based on the genres selected by the reader during their sign-up process, as well as the reader's past claims. Only books in public, optional opt-in giveaways by Plus or Pro plan authors will appear in the Recommended Books section.

Q: Where should I send readers if they have questions about this new feature?

A: You can either link readers directly to our support articles on using the new on-site reader account feature (which will be live on the same day as the feature), or tell them to contact the Instafreebie Support Team at

Q: Will I able to see my own books in my Library page?

A: Yes, but you’ll need to claim the book yourself in order to see it! Any management of your books and giveaways should still be done through your Author Dashboard.