Prolific Works Rebrand FAQ for Authors

Instafreebie is rebranding!

As of October 1st, 2018 this platform said farewell to the name Instafreebie, and hello to the name Prolific Works!

The brand shift to Prolific Works represents a big shift for this platform! While we will continue to build upon our foundation of serving readers with easy access to great free content and simple, hassle-free downloads, our vision and goals for this platform have expanded.

We’re letting go of the name Instafreebie and taking on a new name, Prolific Works, that better reflects and aligns with our vision of better serving YOU, our authors, in becoming successful and prolific.

This support article will hopefully answer any questions you may have about this rebranding shift and what it means for you.

You can also  register here for our upcoming webinar, during which our founder and CEO, Jason Freeman, will talk about the rebrand and the many exciting new features coming your way, including:

  • More updates to the platform to make it easier than ever for your books to be found by hungry readers and future raving fans…
  • An educational email series to guide you step-by-step on the path to becoming a successful, prolific author...
  • Official partnerships with industry-leading platforms to help you write more and better books, and receive funding for all of your hard work...
  • And much more!

If you have any more questions after reading through this article, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

Q: Are you rebranding because you were bought out by a bigger company?

A: No! We have not sold our company! We have not been acquired by anyone, and we are not merging with anyone. We are remaining an independent organization with a mission and vision supported by our same passionate employee team, angel investors, and board of directors.

Q: Why are you rebranding to Prolific Works?

A: We are rebranding because “Instafreebie” (a name derived from “Instant Freebies”) no longer reflects our highest vision and goals for this platform. Instafreebie was the perfect name for us in building our foundation of serving readers with simple, easy downloads of free ebooks.

We’ve succeeded in building that foundation (35 million claims since we started!), and now we want to build on that foundation, by better serving you, our authors.

We want to become your trusted partner in the publishing industry, and better support you on the path to becoming successful and prolific. We chose the name Prolific Works because it aligns more fully with this expanded vision!

Q: When will the rebrand go live?

A: We will transition over to the new brand, logo and site URL ( on October 1st.

Q: How will the platform change?

A: Only for the better! Everything that is currently great about our platform will stay that way!

Easy downloads for readers, Group Giveaways, online reader libraries, mailing list integrations, etc. - it’s all here to stay (and will only continue to get better!). All site functionality will remain live, and all readers will keep full access to previously claimed content.

What will change will include a number of exciting new features and products that our founder, Jason, will talk about at length on our upcoming live webinar.

Q: Will readers still be able to access my books?

A: Yes! Readers will still have access to all the books they’ve claimed, both on the app and in their online Reader Library.

All giveaway links will also seamlessly transition over to the new website - meaning readers will be able to access your giveaways and your content whether they use the an or a link.

Q: Will the app change?

A: Yes, we will now have a “Prolific Works” app instead of an “Instafreebie” app. You do not need to download a new app - if you have automatic updates turned on in the app settings, the name will change automatically!