How To Use the Calendar Section

The “Calendar” section can help you to see all the scheduled assignments, activities, and events. There are two ways how you can check out your Calendar. First way to do so is checking the “Overview” page. The second one is checking the “Calendar” page.

Checking the "Overview" Page

Checking the "Calendar" Page

Checking the “Overview” Page

  1. Make sure you are on the Spring 2019 Course tab.

 2. Go to the “Overview” section that you can find on the sidebars. 

3. You will be able to see the “Calendar” section in the lower right corner.

4. To get a closer look at the Calendar section you should scroll down the page.

5. The Calendar will show all the upcoming events for this month. If there is something scheduled for a particular date, the box for that date will be colored blue.

6. To check which assignments are scheduled for a particular day you should click on the date you are interested in. All the assignments scheduled for that day will appear under the Calendar tab.

7. If you want to get more information on the assignment you should click on it and the details will come up

8.  If you want to get even more detailed information about the post itself you can click on “Full details” link and it will transport you to the Calendar section page.

9. If you want to change your Calendar grid in the Overview section you should click on “Options” section in the left upper corner of the Calendar tab.

Checking the “Calendar” Page

  1. Go to the “Calendar” section that you can find on the sidebars.  

2.  This is how the page should look.

3. As on the “Overview” page you will be able to view page either by month, week, or day.

4. Each assignment in the calendar has a special mark.

5. Under the Calendar table you can find the “Legend” that will explain what each mark means. 

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