Share a Preview vs. a Whole Book

On Prolific Works, you can choose to upload your whole book, or just a portion. When choosing how much of your book to share for free in a giveaway campaign, Prolific Works authors have found advantages for both options: previews, and full ebooks.

Previews, Excerpts, and Sneak Peeks

Our authors have found that people who download and begin reading excerpts end up purchasing their books at high rates. Making a campaign that is a Preview, Unlimited, and has no Expiration Date is the most effective way to generate higher sales of your book using a Prolific Works giveaway campaign.

How Much You Should Share

  • 10% of the book or the first few chapters. 
  • For non-fiction content, you can specifically select portions that you think will generate interest from readers.
  • Books within the Kindle Unlimited program or KDP can only be promoted if a preview is 10%

Reasons To Share A Preview, Excerpt, or Sneak Peek

  • Generate new sales
  • Reach and engage new readers

Prolific Works authors have seen significant numbers of readers choose to purchase, review, or recommend the book after reading a few chapters.

Full Ebook Giveaways

Prolific Works authors can also share their full books! This includes, the first book in a series, a full book to reward fans, or a book you can share when asking for reviews.

Reasons to Share a Full Ebook

  • If you are releasing the giveaway campaign to a select group of people for ARCs, reviews, or fan rewards, we recommend limiting the number of claims and/or limiting the duration of the giveaway. You may also NOT want to make it Shareable, if you have a specific list of people in mind already.
  • If you are about to publish a new book in a series and you want to create a giveaway of a prior book in the series to generate buzz and new reader interest. We recommend making these campaigns unlimited, sharable, and with no expiration date. This functions just like a Preview, Excerpt, or Sneak Peak.
  • If you are using your campaign to reward loyal readers.

How to Share a Preview

If you wish to have a preview instead of the full content, simply upload the chapter(s) you wish to use as an epub file for the giveaway campaign. Learn more about converting your book to an epub file

  1. If you are making a preview, you have to use a completely new epub file that only contains the parts you want people to see. If you upload the epub of your complete book, that is what people will download.
  2. When you upload your book file, make sure that the small box next to "This book is a preview and contains only a portion of the full book" is selected. 

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