Giveaway Campaign Expiration Dates

Q: Should my book giveaway campaign have an expiration date?

When deciding whether to use an expiration date for your book giveaway campaign, there are a few things Prolific Authors authors have found useful to consider.

No Expiration Date

  • If your giveaway campaign is a Preview (just a few chapters), then we recommend not setting an expiration date. This will help maximize your campaign's reach and boost overall sales, reviews, and recommendations of your work.
  • If your giveaway campaign is the first book in a series and you are using the campaign to generate purchases of the rest of the books in the series, no expiration date is a superior option.

Expiration Date

  • Use an expiration date if you are trying to deliver an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) to a select group of readers.
  • Use an expiration date if you are making a Limited and "until a certain time only" campaign.