Verified Organizer FAQ

If you've ever seen a blue verified badge next to an Organizer's name when browsing the Group Giveaways in your genre, you may have wondered what it meant. In this article, we'll explain what a Verified Organizer is and how they work with their Author Teams to reach new readers.

In this article:

Q: What is a Verified Organizer?

A: Verified Organizers are authentic Prolific Works users and creators of Group Giveaways. Prolific Works denotes a Verified Organizer by displaying a blue verified badge next to their name. A verified badge on a Group Giveaway does not imply an endorsement by Prolific Works, but states that, to the best of our knowledge, the organizer of the Group Giveaway meets our Verified Organizer criteria.

Q: How is a Group Giveaway that was created by a Verified Organizer different from a normal Group Giveaway?

A: Group Giveaways that are run by a Verified Organizer may have special requirements for participating authors. These Group Giveaways allow the Verified Organizer to decide whether or not readers will be given the opportunity to opt in to the mailing lists of Author Team members. According to the settings on the Group Giveaway, all giveaways created for the Group Giveaway will be either optional or no opt-in. Verified Organizers can also choose whether or not readers will be given the option to subscribe to the organizer's mailing list. You can learn more about the possible requirements here

Q: Why is a Verified Organizer opt-in pop-up shown on all books in the Group Giveaway?

A: Verified Organizers can enable optional organizer list opt-in on their Group Giveaways, which means readers who claim any book from the Group Giveaway will be given the opportunity to subscribe to the Organizer's mailing list. By meeting our criteria, Verified Organizers have shown themselves to be responsive to and supportive of their Author Team members. They've had experience running successful Group Giveaways and are always looking to help other authors reach more readers!

Q: How can I become a Verified Organizer?

A: Prior to April 30, 2018, Verified Organizers were third-party, reader-focused brands that were committed to responsible email marketing practices. Now, Prolific Works has expanded the Verified Organizer program and allows individual authors to become Verified Organizers on the site as long as they meet the following criteria.

Verified Organizers must:

  • have organized a minimum of three Group Giveaways on the Prolific Works site.
  • have organized three Group Giveaways that were free for all participating authors.
  • have organized three Group Giveaways that had a minimum of 10 Author Team members per giveaway.
  • have been in the top 30% for sharing out of all Author Team members for the three Group Giveaways they have organized.
  • be responsive to other Prolific Works authors before, during, and after the Group Giveaway.
  • communicate with other Prolific Works authors in a courteous and professional manner.

If you believe you meet the above requirements and would like to become a Verified Organizer, please email us at and so that we can review your account. If you are working with a Verified Organizer and you believe they are not adhering to these standards, please contact us at