Prolific Works App FAQ for Authors

The Prolific Works app makes ebook delivery faster and simpler for anyone who uses our site. Readers can use the app to access any book they have claimed from the Prolific Works site. Books can be moved from the Prolific Works app to any ereader app currently installed on the reader's device. This support article will answer any questions you have about what the Prolific Works app means for you as an author.

Q: How does the app work?

A: Readers will claim books from the Prolific Works website. After they enter in their information to claim a freebie, we'll send them a Reader Login Code. Once the readers logs in to the app, they'll find their claimed books in their new Prolific Works Library! They can instantly download the books to their favorite reading app. For authors, that means less time handling delivery issues and more time doing the writing you love!

Q: Can readers discover my book through the app?

 A: This version of the app is focused on improving deliverability for readers! Any book that is claimed using the Prolific Works site will appear on a reader's Prolific Works app after it is claimed. Readers will still need a giveaway link to find and download a book.

Q: Where should I send readers if they need technical support on the app?

A: You can link readers directly to our support articles on using the Prolific Works App for Android and using the Prolific Works App for iOS. If you know the specific device the reader is trying to download to, you can link them to our support articles on downloading ebook files from the Prolific Works App to the Kobo or Nook apps or on adding ebook files to the Kindle and Kindle App from the Prolific Works App. Readers who experience difficulty after viewing those articles can contact the Prolific Works Support Team at